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vr experience for quest 2, unity, 9 min


ipseria environment, rendering

An unusual experience awaits recipients: a virtual reality with no digitally-generated content. ipseria and its virtual environment have their origin in the physical realm. 


Various materials like clay, plasticine and latex have been modeled, as well as organic materials, such as lichen or slime molds, have been collected and cultivated. By using 3D scanners the sculpted, collected, and grown elements were digitized, then processed in the 3D program Houdini and finally combined in the gaming software Unity to create a 360° VR experience. Hence, the virtual and physical world are intertwined.

Just like the visual elements, the sound is derived from the physical environment. In addition to field recordings, the collective interspecifics (Paloma Lopez & Leslie Garcia), who are working with an instrument made up of modular synthesizers and transduction tools that record electronic impulses of microorganisms, contributed sound pieces. For the final soundscape producer Aske Lyck Pedersen was invited to collaborate.

The multi-sensory mixed reality installation enables the encounter with ipseria where the recipient transgresses into a virtual reality enhanced by haptic, olfactory and sound elements.


Text: Lorena Harauzek (Art Historian)



ipseria environment, rendering

still 1


Art/Direction/Modelling/3D Scans/Script/Production: 

Isabell Bullerschen

3D Animation: Florian Baumann 

Game Design: Sebastiaan Cator

Programming: Arno Justus

Sound: Aske Lyck Pedersen and Paloma López & Leslie García (interspecifics)

Voice Over: Netanya Woodard, Molly Schaad 

Flute: Chantal Dubs

Furthermore I had the honour to work with a CT-scan of Physarum polycephalum from the research project “Indentation analysis of active viscoelastic microplasmodia of P. polycephalum”. Special thanks to Adrian Fessel, Christina Oettmeier, Klaus Wechsler and Hans-Günther Döbereiner, Eva-Maria Meyer, Christian Kapitza. 

still 2

ipseria virtual reality, screencapture still

still 3

ipseria virtual reality, screencapture still

still 4

ipseria virtual reality, screencapture still

still 5

ipseria virtual reality, screencapture still

still 6

ipseria virtual reality, screencapture still

still 7

ipseria virtual reality, screencapture still


ipseria virtual reality, screencapture still


ipseria virtual reality, screencapture still

ipseria vr screencapture, to watch full video or VR experience send an email to: 


The project was generously supported by Swiss Art Council Pro Helvetia,  Kanton Zürich Fachstelle Kultur, Stadt Zürich Kultur, Ernst Göhner Stiftung & Dr. Adolf Streuli-Stiftung, bHaptics Corea.

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