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vr experience, seating, vibrating devices, ipseria scent, fungus mycelium aroma sculpture, neon


vr experience for quest 2, unity, 9 min 

ipseria is/are multifaceted. polyphonic. collaborative. inclusive. queer. ever-evolving. intersectional. As a globally occurring form of life, ipseria exist/s as a mono- or multi-entity association in the mucus of vertebral organisms. Its/their features are akin to atoms, box jelly fish, slime molds, leopard slugs, or social amoebas. However, it/they possess/es an unique skill: the reproduction beyond its/their species, thus queering the concept of identity and undermining classification systems. 


Although ipseria is/are an inherent potential in humans, it/they is/are being inactivated by rational knowledge systems. Only a sensual experience can stimulate one own’s ipseria back to life. The multi-sensory mixed reality installation enables this encounter where the recipient transgresses into a virtual reality enhanced by haptic, olfactory and sound elements. By re-activating one own’s ipseria, the aim is to reconstitute the ability to imagine life through its richness of diversity with all peculiarities, fluid definitions and unstable categories.


Text: Lorena Harauzek (Art Historian)


Photos: Philip Frowein


exhibition view at WE ARE AIA | Awareness in Art, Löwenbräukunst, Zurich, CH


Art/Direction/Modelling/3D Scans/Script/Production: 

Isabell Bullerschen

3D Animation: Florian Baumann 

Game Design: Sebastiaan Cator

Programming: Arno Justus

Sound: Aske Lyck Pedersen and Paloma López & Leslie García (interspecifics)

Voice Over: Netanya Woodard, Molly Schaad 

Flute: Chantal Dubs

Scent development: Andreas Wilhelm 

Seating Tailor: Jope Schneider

Glass Manufacturer: Niesenglass 

Project Advisor: Roger Meier


Furthermore I had the honour to work with a CT-scan of Physarum polycephalum from the research project “Indentation analysis of active viscoelastic microplasmodia of P. polycephalum”. Special thanks to Adrian Fessel, Christina Oettmeier, Klaus Wechsler and Hans-Günther Döbereiner, Eva-Maria Meyer, Christian Kapitza. 

Isabell-Bullerschen_Ipseria_High-Res_Web_06 copy.jpg

aroma sculpture, fungus mycelium, glass, polyurethane, gelatine, pigments, aroma diffusor, scent, 70 x 100 x 50 cm


aroma sculpture, detail


neon, murano glass, argon, neon and mercury filled,

134 x 46 cm

seating 2

ipseria seating, vibrating devices, fabric, batting, wood 

dye sublimation print, 90 x 300 x 120 cm

vr 2

ipseria seating, vibrating devices, fabric, batting, wood 

dye sublimation print, 90 x 300 x 120 cm


vr experience for quest 2, unity, 9 min


The project was generously supported by Swiss Art Council Pro Helvetia,  Kanton Zürich Fachstelle Kultur, Stadt Zürich Kultur, Ernst Göhner Stiftung & Dr. Adolf Streuli-Stiftung, bHaptics Corea.

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