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potomok vlkov


colour, sound, 1920 x 1080 px., 8' 

In 1955 in former Czechoslovakia close to the Austrian/German border it was tried to create an optimized race of dog for border protection purposes. In the breeding station next to Libejovice, a Carpathian wolf and a German shepherd were crossed, and offspring were born. In that sense, the experiment worked, but the wolf-dogs didn’t show the desired traits. The animals had characteristics which had been eliminated out of the dog/wolf gene pool through long-term domestication.

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The title POTOMOK VLKOV points to this empowerment of the human to create his guardian and the crossing of the “threat wolf“ and the “instrument dog“. Although it deals with the relationship of humans with the dog as part of the history of civilization, the role of the animal is left open. Which species empowers or adapts is the question.


It seems like the manipulation of the allegedly documental material is marginal but leads therefore to a highly artificial and constructed impression and latently felt fiction. Through the associative narration and the surface of the images, the video oscillates between documentary and fiction.


In collaboration with Félicia Eisenring, 2015.

Concept, camera, edit, sound:

Félicia Eisenring & Isabell Bullerschen 

Interview with Women CineMakers meets Art and Independent Cinema and Ensuite Art Magazin.

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installtion view

Potomok vlkov, installation view at Aargauer Kunsthaus, CH.

Potomok vlkov, to watch video send an email to:

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