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speculative documentary & meditation, seating, aroma diffuser 

Ipseria is/are a fictional, globally occurring form of life that lives/live as a mono-entity or a multi-entity association (social entity) in the mucus in the vertebral organisms. The video installation provokes a conscience on the existence of one's own internal phlegm and Ipseria: The ability to imagine the richness of diversity in all peculiarity and configurations instead of a strict classification into defined categories. 

installation view

Ipseria, installation view at Cuadro22, Chur, CH.

In the video, a voice – based on the YouTube phenomenon ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) – guides you through the meditation/documentation and, accompanied by recurring sound patterns, enables an intimate encounter with your own Ipseria. Part of the installation is "Chaos diffluens", an oversized, leatherette pelvic bone seating. The experience is linked to the smell of vetiver - an Asian grass plant that is known and valued for its dense underground root system. 


The title Ipseria refers, on the one hand, to George Bataille's "Ipse" as the configuration of subjectivity without language, which is diametrically opposed to "Je", and is located in the world of sensual knowledge. A non-discursive way of existence. On the other hand, on Pfiesteria piscicida, a unicellular plankton organism, described by Karen Barad in "Nature's Queer Performativity". It acts as both a plant and an animal and cannot be clearly determined at any time.


Photos: Simon Javed Baumberger, Isabell Bullerschen 

still 1

Ipseria, detail, aroma diffuser, scented oil mixture

still 2

Ipseria, video, still


Ipseria, video, still

bullerschen_chaos difflues_01.jpg

Chaos diffluens, object (seating)

still 3

Ipseria, video, still

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