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animation, found footage, archive footage, sound,

1920 x 1080 px., 12'

still 1
still 2
still 3
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Ipseria, to watch video send an email to: 

Ipseria is/are a fictional, globally occurring form of life who lives/live as a mono-entity or a multi-entity association (social entity) in the mucus in the vertebral organisms. Ipseria owes/owe their features and qualities to atoms, plankton organisms, box jellyfish, slime moulds, leopard slugs and social amoebas. It belongs to the diverse, multifaceted, resistant beings who live in slime, queer the concepts of identity and individual/group, evade their classifiability and have sex for fun. But there is one thing that makes Ipseria unique: Ipseria reproduces/reproduce beyond their species. They wants/want to procreate with humans. Although they already inherent us as potential, they have been partially inactivated by rational knowledge systems. These abilities should be activated again through the sensual experience of one's own Ipseria. 


Concept, text, montage & edit: Isabell Bullerschen

Animation: Florian Baumann 

Sound: Aske Lyck Pedersen

Voices: Netanya Woodard, Isabell Bullerschen 

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