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razor cortex


animation, sound, 1920 x 1080 px., 5'

The video juxtaposes the contrarian forms of classical economics and Georges Bataille’s theory of wastefulness and relates them to sexuality, procreation and self-optimization. It alternates between abstract allusions in the Bataillian universe and an advertising film for the seemingly pointless prosthesis of an artificial shoulder blade – one of the bones that rarely fractures. So the shoulder blade becomes the protagonist and the epitome of Bataille’s finding of the natural “General Economy”. On the other hand, the shoulder blade’s antagonist – the aloe vera – embodies as an accumulator of energy and the plant of beauty the classical economics destined to a catastrophic outpouring.  

still 1

If we follow Bataille’s transition from the belief in the absolute purposive rationality to the idea in the self-purpose this would indeed be a Copernican revolution, which not only makes the statement obsolete, only sexuality that can lead to reproduction is a natural one.


In collaboration with Florian Baumann, 2019. 

Concept & text: Isabell Bullerschen

Animation: Florian Baumann 

Sound: Aske Lyck Pedersen 

Voices: Veru Loremipsum & LS Grave 

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Razor Cortex, video teaser, to watch full video send an email to: 

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