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pygmalion & galatea


human blood and machine oil, digital photography, video

For the long-term survey PYGMALION AND GALATEA, human blood was mixed with oil of a machine. According to the observation, the result of the experiment can be described as follows: Mixing of the lifeblood of human and machine is possible by using mechanical energy. The mixture is stable as a blood-oil-emulsion for a short period. The phases begin to separate after a few minutes, and the blood and oil part entirely after a few hours. However, the long-term observation showed that the two phases absorb parts of each other.

book 1

PYGMALION AND GALATEA was published in “Holy Shit”, a publication about a fictive exhibition curated by Georges Bataille and Aby Warburg and it was part of the installation f (G (sub)) = [SUB] ∞ SUB(u) at MFA Degree Show, ZHdK, Zurich.  

In collaboration with Kevin Kopacka, 2016.  

book 2
book 3
f (g)

Pygmalion and Galatea in f (G (sub)) = [SUB] ∞ SUB(u), 2017  (Photo: Philip Frowein).  

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