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natura operans


site-specific vr experience, unreal engine, colour, sound, 4'  

NATURA OPERANS is a site-specific Mixed Reality Installation based on the four temperament theory derived from humoralism. In this, the human personality divides into four temperaments: phlegmatic, melancholic, choleric and sanguine. According to this ancient concept, the following combinations of qualities associated with these personality types: cold/wet, cold/dry, hot/humid and hot/dry. The installation in the real environment contains indicators to measure these qualities. In the virtual space (based on a 360° image of the exhibition space) these elements appear as well and what only imagined in the real environment is made visible and tangible here: the temperament of the space.

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NATURA OPERANS showed as a Mixed Reality Installation at Spieglerey, Dynamo Zürich and as Virtual Reality Installation at Volumes Art Publishing Fair, Kunsthalle Zürich. 

Mixed Reality Installation in collaboration with Félicia Eisenring, 2018 and Virtual Reality Installation in collaboration with Florian Baumann, 2018. The VR experience is part of Radiance – The International Research Platform For VR In Visual Arts

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Natura Operans, screen capture, to view the VR experience send an email to: 

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