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limbo II


colour, sound, 1920 x 1080 px., 21/11' 

Limbo II was edited after months of video observation of a seemingly wild animal in an artificial garden inside of a brutalist industrial building. No animals allowed, in fact. Inside the building, 70 surveillance cameras watch to “protect”.   


Montage and the sound of a cello take up the tension of the hybrid environment and gradually reveal the space and the situation of the apparently imprisoned animal. Questions raised about the natural and artificial, transparency as well as openness and unity. 

In collaboration with Félicia Eisenring, 2016.

Concept, camera, edit:

Félicia Eisenring & Isabell Bullerschen  


Cello: Rosamund van der Westhuizen.

still 1
still 2
still 3
still 4
still 5
still 6
still 7

Limbo II, installation view at teilungen, MFA degree show, ZHdK, CH.

Limbo II, trailer, to watch video send an email to:

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